My Bible Treasures


When I was a child, the most familiar request I asked my mother was, “Will you please tell me a story tonight?” My mother told me stories. She told my siblings stories. She told my children and my siblings’ children stories. She was an unstoppable storyteller, and a really great one. Her stories have continued to ring in my heart, long after she was gone. When I am confused, her stories provide me wisdom. When I am sad, her stories provide me comfort. When I want to make sense of my experiences, I reconnect to her stories to find meaning.
One of the best gifts parents can give their children is to tell them stories. There is power in a good story. A good story well told or well read does a lot of things. It teaches, it inspires, it activates the imagination. The lessons a good story teaches stay long and deep. The fire that a good story ignites within a child’s heart burns bright and lingers for a lifetime. A person who has imagination, specially a sanctified one, does have what it takes. Why? Because imagination is the stuff of dreams and the tool that makes dreams come true. Hence, to every parent who wants to give the best to his or her child, telling good stories is not an option; it is the key.
And what better story there is than a Bible story? The Bible is the Word of God. Through the Bible, we hear God speaking. We hear Him who is Love, who is Hope, who is Life.
Give your child the gift of a lifetime-My Bible Treasures. Find in its pages life-giving stories, stories that will give not only your child but also you the best life that one can have-here and in the hereafter.


Penulis : Arceli Heyasa – Rosario & Elbert Jay V. Mosquera

Ukuran : 24.7 cm x 17.8 cm

Cover : Hard Cover

Kertas : Art Paper 80 gr

Full Color

168 Halaman

ISBN : 978-971-581-331-0


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